Our plug spawn is grown on 5/16" wooden white birch dowels. Plug spawn may be ordered in increments of , , and plugs. Inoculated mushroom plugs for outdoor gourmet & medicinal mushroom log cultivation. Enough plug spawn to inoculate hardwood logs. Approx. Mushroom plug spawn- also known as dowel spawn or simply “mushroom plugs”– are hardwood dowels that have been inoculated and colonized with mushroom mycelium. Description. We are selling Plug spawn (Wooden Dowels) that you can inoculate your own logs and grow pounds of Oyster Mushrooms! Choose the amount of dowels you. Spawn · Home/By Mushroom/Turkey Tail/Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Plug Spawn. Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Plug Spawn. Tap to expand.

How to use it: Drill a hole into your log or stump about 1" deep and insert the plug. Mushrooms will start to grow when the log or stump is fully colonized. The. Our Pearl Oyster strains are renowned for their productivity and excellent flavor. The mycelium in Plug Spawn is certified organic. Inoculate stumps or logs. You can grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms on logs and stumps, using our Mushroom Plug Spawn. How to use it: Drill a hole into your log or stump about 1" deep and insert the plug. Mushrooms will start to grow when the log or stump is fully colonized. The. Plug spawn. Suitable for mushroom log cultivation. Use plug spawn to inoculate logs and grow mushrooms naturally outdoors. Mushroom plug spawn, also referred to as dowel spawn, are hardwood dowels inoculated with mushroom mycelium. Mushroom plugs are most commonly used to inoculate. (50 plugs in each bag). Using spawn requires substrate. This product is not recommended for beginners. Spawn is pure mushroom tissue grown on a prepared. Organic Mushroom Spawn used to seed these plugs is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Mushroom plugs produced through methods that. Easily grow your own Shiitake Mushrooms for years to come. Shiitake Mushroom Plug Spawn is wood dowels inoculated with the Shiitake Mushroom species mycelium. The mycelium in Plug Spawn is certified organic. Inoculate stumps or logs that are not already inhabited by other fungi. It typically takes up to 12 months for. Plug Spawn are hardwood dowels inoculated with a specific type of mushroom, which are used for outdoor mushroom cultivation. They are easy to use.

Pack of plugs Lion's Mane logs are fun to make, require little maintenance, and will produce mushrooms for years. Inoculate your own prepared logs using. Plugs are the most basic way to grow mushrooms on logs. If you are just getting started growing mushrooms this will be the easiest spawn to handle and. Organic Mushroom Spawn Plugs for Logs and Stumps. Grow gourmet mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms on logs and stumps. Cultivate mushrooms outdoors for years. Soak your logs for hours AFTER plugging with spawn. This means starting the soaking immediately after plugging (and sealing) them. Note: if the logs are. King Oyster Mushroom Plug Spawn to Grow Gourmet Medicinal Mushrooms at Home or Commercially on Logs or Stumps North Spore Organic Shiitake ( ct). Shiitake mushrooms are one of the easiest and most prolific, forgiving mushrooms to grow on logs for all skill levels, and a perfect mushroom for beginners. Our Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) mushroom plug spawn is USDA-certified organic, % guaranteed, and available in fully inoculated bags of and Plug Spawn Ringless Honey Mushroom Wooden Dowels Armillaria tabescens $ $ A 5/16" steel drill bit for use with our Mushroom Plug Spawn. Includes a stop-collar with an adjustable set screw to customize drilling depth. A sturdy wood-.

Mushroom plug spawn is the mycelial growth that is grown on logs. Growing mushrooms on wood produces mushrooms with the highest medicinal + nutritional. Our organic mushroom plug spawn is the perfect beginner-friendly spawn to get you started on growing your own mushrooms! Just drill, fill, wax and wait! Inoculated mushroom plugs + kit for outdoor gourmet mushroom log cultivation. Kit Contains: Inoculated plug spawn (approx. ct) Sealing wax Brush. Growing mushrooms at home doesn't get more exciting than this! When you order our gourmet mushroom plugs, you'll receive a kit with mushroom plug spawn used. Plug or Dowel Spawn for making gourmet mushroom logs. Spiral Grooved for best quality & performance. 10 gourmet mushroom species, 7 bag sizes:

Mushroom plug spawn is best for inoculating wood logs or stumps. Mushroom plugs are made of 1” birch dowels covered with mushroom mycelium. This type of spawn. Inoculate logs or stumps that have been cut within 1 month to allow the mushroom mycelium you are trying to grow the best chance. The wood should be clean. All spawn is made in Annapolis, Maryland by Joe and Andy. We are here to ensure you the greatest success in growing mushrooms from plugs and make sure your time. Description. Grow your own Amazing Mushrooms in your backyard. We include easy instructions for your log inoculation. Our Spawn fruiting range is °F.

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